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NicheTrainings provides an easy to use social learning platform that enables anyone to share their skills by uploading their content in a few easy steps. The author can make his/her course freely available or for a profit. Subscribers can browse/search and view courses of their favorite topics on Technology, Business, Art, etc.

Members or Subscribers

No training is required to begin using NicheTrainings. All you need is an internet connection and a PC, Mac,Tablet, Smart Phone or Smart TV that has a browser. Go to the website, follow the simple registration process and you are all set. Select the category you like and browse through the course list or use the search feature. If a course is free, click to play it. If it is a paid course you will be prompted to enter the payment info, after which you may start viewing the course.


NicheTrainings offers a fantastic earning potential to individuals with concise and compelling content but do not have the time or means to setup their own training class or website. Besides the earning potential, Niche Trainings offers the following benefits to authors:

  • Builds a strong following: Compelling content will lead to a higher number of subscribers
  • Ability to interact with the best minds that have similar interests: This will allow you to package and publish the finest content by working with authors who have similar interests and are willing to collaborate. This will increase your earnings and increase your brand equity
  • Most importantly you will have a great sense of satisfaction for sharing knowledge at an affordable price or for free

How does it work …

Requirements: A PC or Mac with any browser. Go to and register with an email address and password. Once ready, it’s just a few easy steps to create your course:-

  • Select a category for your course
  • Enter the course title
  • Enter tags or keywords that are relevant to your course
  • Enter a brief description
  • Upload your course content
  • Upload your content
    • Your course can be in one of the following video and audio file formats:
      • Video: .wmv, .mp4 (H.264), mpeg2, mpeg3
      • Audio: .wma, mp3, wav, aac
    • The file must not be larger than 2 GB in size ( Video Guidelines )
    • Maximum Content Length: 10 - 15 minutes
  • Set pricing, publish your course
    • Assign a price tag for your course ranging from $2 to $10. You get to keep 70% of the selling price [1]. At the beginning of every month you will be paid for your sales from the previous month. For this you need to provide your active PayPal account
    • If you wish you may also offer your course for free
    • Set your course as “public” to make it searchable and visible in

The file that you upload will be reviewed by NicheTrainings. If it complies with our specifications, terms and conditions you will receive an email as soon as it is approved and made available for viewing in the NicheTrainings website.

Once your course is approved and available for viewing you may begin to market it. There are many ways to market your course. Our website is already linked to several search engines and there is a great possibility that your course will stand out when someone searches, using the right keywords. You may also market your course on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

NicheTrainings also has a discussion thread related to your course, which may be used to interact with your subscribers.

[1]  After deducting any credit card processing fees.