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1. Can I view NicheTrainings videos on mobile devices?

Most of the NicheTrainings videos can be viewed on mobile devices that run a browser, which supports Flash.

2. Is closed captioning available in the NicheTrainings videos?

Some of the courses contain closed captioning. Presently it is at the discretion of the author. In the near future, English and a few other foreign languages will be available.

3. Can I download the training material once I take the course?

As of now the training material cannot be downloaded. It will be made available in a future release, if the author allows downloads.

4. How long can I see the courses in my profile after I pay for the subscription?

Once you have paid for the course, you can view it any number of times.

5. Can I be a subscriber and author?

Yes, you may be a subscriber and a author. You need to have only one login id to be a subscriber and a author

6. Can I trust the payment system? Is it secure?

Our payment partners are Amazon and PayPal. Both companies process more than a billion dollars per year and they are trusted by some of the best companies around the world. The payment pages are secure to protect your information.

7. Do you have any referral system if I bring new subscribers?

As of now a referral system does not exist, but it will be added soon.

8. Can I contact the author if I need more information?

NicheTrainings has a discussion thread for every course that facilitates collaboration with the author and other users of the course

9. Can I send a comment or suggestion to the NicheTrainings development team?

Yes, you may contact Niche Trainings at or log a ticket by going to A member of our development team will get in touch with you promptly.

10. Does NicheTrainings have an affiliate program?

At this time NicheTrainings does not have an affiliate program, but it is being planned for future release


1. Can I publish a free course?

Yes, You may publish a free course

2. Can I market my course?

You can market your course using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and other advertising mediums. NicheTrainings will soon provide guidelines on how to market effectively using social media.

3. Can I communicate with my subscribers if they have any questions?

Every course in NicheTrainings will contain a discussion thread. You may use this feature to communicate with subscribers.

4. Does NicheTrainings own my course content?

NicheTrainings is only a portal to host author content. It does not own the content.

5. How can I charge for my course?

When you create andupload a new course you will see an option to set the price. You will also be prompted to enter your PayPal account details so that every time your course sells we can send you 70% of the selling price.

6. How long can I keep my course content in the site?

As long as your paid course is active and has been used at least once in the past year it will remain in the site. Once a full year has passed you will receive a notification requesting you to remove or purge the course. After a grace period of 30 days the course will be removed.

7. Can I delete the course content that I’ve uploaded to the site?

Yes! You may delete your course content at any time, but if it is a paid course you may not be allowed to delete without notifying your subscribers. You may also have to provide a refund to certain subscribers depending on how long back the payment was made.

8. Can I change the price structure for my course content?

Yes, You may change the price structure by going to the “My Account” page from the home page and clicking the Edit button.

9. How can I use my video from YouTube or other online video platforms?

At this time NicheTrainings does not support YouTube videos, but it is being planned in a future release.

10. How do I get paid for my course?

In order to get paid you need to provide NicheTrainings your PayPal account. At the beginning of every month you will get paid for the courses (paid courses only) that were purchased the previous month. Every time your course sells you will make 70% of the selling price.

Are there any other unaddressed questions or concerns? Please contact NicheTrainings at