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At the end of the lesson, you will be able to: 1. When to use Hierarchical Multiple Regression 2. Problem Illustration on Hierarchical Multiple Regression 3. SPSS Procedure in Performing Hierarchical Multiple Regression Analysis (Discussion of the SPSS Commands and Statistical Options). 4. Understand the Different Methods of Regression in the SPSS Command such as Enter, Forward, Backward, Stepwise and Remove
Vincent Bongolan
An exceptional Statistical Analysis, Creative and Analytical skills in Research Design is my mastered areas of competencies. The foundation of these competencies has been developed by my vast and wide array of exposures to Research and Statistics earned from my educational and professional background. Currently, I’am the University Statistician in a Private Higher Education Institution, a part-time professorial lecturer in Statistics, A book author and an active member of Philippine Statistical Association and other Professional Research Organization. I have been a statistics and research consultant for more than 8 years and I have been catered different industries such medicine and other medical allied areas, business, hospitality and tourism. I have also catered some government and non-government agencies in the country. I have also catered students from the different Colleges and Universities in the Philippines and Abroad (Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Tibet, Korea & Nigeria) who are taking up their Master and Doctorate degrees in Medical and other allied courses, tourism, Nursing, Accountancy, Business and Commerce and the like. QUALIFICATIONS A. Research Strengths * Surveys and Public Opinion Research * Focus Groups Discussion * Online consumer research * Quantitative Research Analysis * Qualitative Research Analysis * Triangulation Method * Nursing and Medical Research Analysis * Accounting and Business Research Analysis * Construction of Questionnaire * Research Design * Sampling Technique * Publications of Journals B. Statistical Techniques – * Descriptive statistics for all kinds of data/distributions. * Survey statistics which includes confidence Intervals for frequency distributions of data * Correlation and Multiple Regression * ANOVA/MANOVA * Factor Analysis * Chi-Square * Pearson Product Moment Correlation * Spearman Rho * Dependent and Independent t-test * Reliability Analysis * Validity of the Instrument C. Statistical Softwares * Fluent in SPSS * Experience in MicroTSP, MicroStat * Advanced knowledge in Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office Applications D. Office Equipment * Basic PC troubleshooting * Telephone * Scanning Machine * Fax Machine
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